Central to the vision of Nicole is the concept of individualism, epitomized by influences like the art of Eugene Delacroix, music of Beethoven, and literature by Lord Byron, the work takes from the creative axiom of ardently following the dictates of inspiration. Nicole took photographs of several of these works, including ‘Dali’ for the cover of Artscape Firenze. The real story of the work goes a step further. Nicole is set to be sculpted every 5 years for a set of works elucidating how we stay true to ourselves over time. Some things about us never change. Sure, skin gets muddy and muscles turn soft. Time wears on external appearances. But deep down time also strengthens our core. That integral part of ourselves is where we find true self-worth. So, even though this sculpture reflects on self-love, it’s deeper than mere vanity.
The work is also represented in Yellow which is associated with the Manipura Chakra, the third energy center, representing personal power, intellect, and self-awareness. In this context, the yellow hue becomes a gateway to heightened consciousness, encouraging viewers to delve into the depths of self-awareness, as Nicole does.


Nicole (1 of 3)


D:25cm x W:28cm x H:42cm


Hydro Resin Mounted on Olive Wood


December 6, 2023