Influenced by a young Michelangelo, the figure is in fact symbolic of a modern, secular man – strong in mind and body, but sometimes lonely and doubtful in the position he has created for himself as master of his own universe. While he is aspiring to the Greek ideal of “Arete”, the figure is lost in deep thought, his eyes wide-open providing a sense of immobility. At first glance, the face appears natural, but in fact, the man is pursing his lips in a slightly exaggerated fashion. What makes this sculpture is that he thinks not only with his brain but also with his eyes vying in the distance, his distended nostrils, and his compressed lips. The Greek concept of “gnosis” – the search for self-knowledge and understanding is exhibited here, as Emmanuel is finally successful in finding his place in the world.


Emmanuel (2 of 2)


D:25cm x W:28cm x H:42cm


Bronze Mounted on Carrara Marble


December 6, 2023