ATMAN (1 OF 2)

The bronze sculpture channels the mythical “Uchchaihshravas”, which emerged during the cosmic churning of the ocean (Samudra Manthan) by the gods and demons. This equine is symbolic of good over evil, embodying the essence of purity and strength.

The horse’s eyes reflect the concept of “Atman,” the eternal soul transcending the temporal body, inviting contemplation on the human potential to transcend and overcome the limitations of the material world. Standing alongside its bronze counterpart, the Red Hydro-Resin Edition offers a glimpse into harmonious duality. Its stark black eyes in a red body symbolise a point where serenity and intensity coalesce in eternal unity.


Atman (1 of 2)


D:49cm x W:11.5cm x H:48cm


Bronze Mounted on Marble


December 6, 2023